Our Strawberries

Currently Agriflora Grows day neutral Varieties such as:


Monterey is an excellent day-neutral (everbearing) cultivar with a sweet, attractive berry

San Andreas

San Andreas strawberries excel in appearance, especially early. The plants are moderately day-neutral and display more vigor than Albion


Albion, an everbearing type, is a new variety from California with long, conical, symmetrical; firm fruit bursting with sweetness.

There are many more varieties undergoing trials for us to evaluate whether it makes the
premium grade expected from Agriberries. Only the Sweetest and Juiciest varieties make it through
the tough trials and qualify to be grown in our high tech greenhouses.

Ethiopia as a Strawberry growing region

The Introduction of Ethiopia as a Strawberry growing region opens up the possibility for year-round availability of quickly delivered, exceptionally sweet, high quality which is due to Varietal selection and Smart Farming Technologies. The Initiatives implemented is to produce in a manner that will meet with the approval of Socially Conscious Consumers. Strawberries contains Vitamins , Fiber and High Levels of Antioxidants. With the Geographical location of Ethiopia the Ethiopian Grown Strawberries can be delivered to the Middle East within 10 hours of the Harvest and to Europe within 24 hours of Harvest. As Strawberries cultivation in Ethiopia is a twelve month Intensive farming crop and Labor intensive, Strawberry farms provide a lots of permanent employment of which 85% are women.